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Culture and leisure time in Øster Højst

Øster Højst Billeder1Øster Højst is a wonderfully active village. As you can see from the list of clubs, we have a very active community – anything can happy, and only the sky is the limit.   

Sports, cooking, amateur theatre and cosy gatherings across clubs and societies. There is something for everyone, even nature is right on your doorstep, just waiting to be explored and enjoyed – for free.  

The village may not be big, but we have a world of opportunities. The village tries to integrate new inhabitants by arranging event like Højst aktiv uge 36 (“Highly” active week 36) where all inhabitants are involved; Good old Time, community dinner and not forgetting our fantastic sports club. 

The sports club has many great offers for everyone, no matter your age. The sports centre may not be big, but it is fully booked with e.g. gymnastics, handball, volleyball, yoga, archery, cross fit, and badminton. The football pitches are buzzing with activities during spring and summer; and running and cycling activities are on throughout the year. You can also do Krolf – a great activity no matter what age you are. 

The village hall is often used for private parties and when something exciting is happening in the village, such as children’s Christmas gatherings, playing bridge, lectures, amateur theatre and not forgetting communal dinners, which take place several times per year. 

So – if you wish to be bored, then you should not settle down in Øster Højst.

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