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Øster Højst

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About Øster Højst

Øster Højst Billeder2The parish of Højst (Højst Sogn) consists of 17 smaller places, where the main village is Øster Højst – a nice, little village, situated at the centre of South Jutland (Sønderjylland).

It is a developing rural parish with a variation of dynamic businesses in and around Øster Højst, and the village is, with its approx. 550 inhabitants not one of the biggest in Denmark, but never the less there are many small businesses – from a restaurant, to a goldsmith, auto mechanics and construction companies. There are almost 1.000 inhabitants in the entire parish of Højst, which is part of Tønder Municipality.

The beautiful, whitewashed church of Højst dates back to approx. year 1200. We have an active parish council, who invite all parishioners to family services and dinner on a regular basis, and the church is a natural part of the ”Højst aktiv uge 36” (highly active week 36). The church is home to a Danish and a German congregation.

The prices of the houses are reasonable, and the village prides itself with the only village school in Tønder Kommune and two kindergartens: Øster Højst School (Danish, public school), Øster Højst Børnehus (Danish kindergarten) and Kindergarten (German kindergarten), all of which are focal points for sports and cultural activities of all sorts. A family with children can settle down in Højst – we have everything you need. The German community works in close cooperation with the village of Ravsted where there is a German school – Deutsche Schule Rapstedt-Osterhoist.

Since 2006, Øster Højst has arranged a week full of activities, ”Højst aktiv uge 36”, where focus is on health and physical exercise – the fun way. The purpose of the active week is to unite clubs and institutions for common activities, and has, amongst others, been supported financially by the home and health secretariat’s financial pool, and Tønder Municipality. More of the activities that Øster Højst sports club offer today, started during the ”Højst aktiv uge 36”.

Øster Højst is a green village with beautiful, old and new trees in gardens, parks and plantations, and there are trees at all roads leading into the village – a beautiful sight meets our guests. And where there are no trees, we will plant some: In 1999 the parish council, in cooperation with the Danish school, planted a small plantation, ”Æ Kirkskov”, at the North part of the village.

So lovers of nature will also thrive in Øster Højst. Arnå, which is one of Denmark’s very good fishing places, runs right past the village. The forest of Draved (Draved Skov) is only 7 km away – a piece of Danish old growth forest – if you like walks in green surroundings. If you prefer to take the bicycle and/or running, there are routes, long or short, everywhere in the parish.

Shopping groceries? Can be done within in Tønder, Løgumkloster, Ravsted, Bylderup-Bov and Bedsted – all within a radius of 17 km. Cosy specialty shops are only 15 km away in Tønder, and 11 km away in Løgumkloster,

We cannot wait to welcome you – bring the entire family, we have room for everyone.

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