Schools, Kindergartens and Day Care

Øster Højst Billeder1In Øster Højst we have one well-functioning Danish pubilc school on Skolegade, and the German community have a good cooperation with the village of Ravsted, where the German private school is situated.

There are after-school centres connected to both schools, and in connection with the schools, there are kindergartens with integrated toddler groups. The Danish school covers until 6th grade and the German school until 7th grade.

Short facts about the institutions

The German toddler group and kindergarten is one of 5 other kindergartens in Tønder Kommune. They have an agreement with Tønder Kommune, and is run by a district manager and a daily manager in each kindergarten.

Focus is on motor co-ordination and movement such as horseback riding and swimming, together with nutrition – which is also why the kindergarten has a food scheme.

Number of children (max.):

8 toddlers
16 kindergarten childrens

The opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 06.15 – 16.30 and Friday from 06.15 – 16.00.

The German school works closely together with the German school in Ravsted.

The school teaches both Danish and German, and from 4th grade also English. The school emphasises individual learning, but also on cooperation and social relations amongst the pupils.

The school covers 0 through to 7th grade, and there are both Danish and German teachers. During the school year, there are different arrangements such as active week 36 (Højst aktiv uge 36), Christmas party, sports night, class excursions, project week and much more.

SFO (after-school centre)
The “SFO” is placed in a separate building and has a broad variety of activities, such as tree workshop, creative space and play room. The ”SFO” think that it is important that the children should be allowed to relax after a long school day, and they can do – almost – what they like. Under supervision of course.

Danish Institutions:
The Danish kindergarten is situated right next to the school. It is a public kindergarten, with a toddler group and a kindergarten under the same roof.

Five key sentences form the basis of the pedagogical work:

  • Respecting the child
  • Development the sense of security with the children
  • Being together adults/children/staff (good cooperation in the institution)
  • Development of the ability fo play
  • Development of the professional abilities of the staff


Please refer to for more information.

The opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 06.15 – 16.30 and Friday from 06.15 – 15.30.

Øster Højst School is a branch of Løgumkloster district school.

The school covers until 6th grade, and has a “rolling school start”. This means that your child can start in school when you feel that the time is right, and that the teaching will be adjusted to the level of each pupil.

Read more about “rolling school start” in Danish at

Apart from the publich institutions, there are a couple of private day care facilities in Øster Højst. You can read about those here:


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